MBSC has a 22 station benchrest shooting pavilion which overlooks our 200 and 300 yard long rifle range.  The range has a delineated 200 yard range berm and a separate 300 yard berm, allowing shooters to take advantage of the varying distances. 

MBSC also has a limited number of "bang and clang" targets which provides the convenience of letting the shooter know of a HIT without having to search the target for a bullet hole.  It also has the added convenience of allowing the member more shooting time and less set-up time with the elimination of having to walk back and forth setting up target stands.

There are yardage markers every 25 yards which define the distances for any shooter and with the covered pavilion shooters can comfortably take advantage of this range during any type of weather conditions.


Competitive shooting events will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month from March thru November.  These events are .22 caliber only (with the exception of the 200 yard centerfire match during the egg shoot) and consist of egg shoots, paper target shoots, and a 10-stage tactical precision match.  These matches are open to the general public. 

Please click on link for match specifics and refer to "Special Events" tab for next match format/information.

The Long Rifle Range is open from 7:00 a.m. until dusk for members and their escorted guests only.  This range is not open to the general public except during scheduled "competitive shoots" as listed above. 

Members = Free
Guests =  $5.00