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etc. please email Stacy at

Ruger No 1  30-06 Sprg rifle with Nikon scope  Wood Grain with
Stainless Steel Finish in Excellent Condition - click on link for
pictures  $1500.00

Remington 870 Magnum 12ga shotgun pump – Wingmaster
  28” barrel  click on link for pictures$400- 

Browning 20ga Invector PBS pump/field model 26, 26” barrels
  click on link for pictures   $700-

Winchester model 12 pump – 12ga, 22” barrel, fire arrestor on end
  – total barrel length 24”  click on link for pictures   $750-

Ponsness Warren loading press, 20ga, model Size-O-Matic 900 in
  excellent condition with extra wads, primers, shells, powder.  Can be
  converted to 12ga also.     click on link for picture    $350-

Ponsness-Warren Loading press, model 800 plus, 12ga, excellent
  condition with extra supplies of wads, powder, primers, shells.
click on link for picture   $300-

The above 6 items (Ruger, Remington, Browning, Winchester and
presses) are being sold by Lynn Rossi.  She can be reached directly at
508-479-5072 or email