Everything Sounds Great - - - So How Do I Join????

  MBSC is a private, not for profit Sportsman's club.  All applicants must be sponsored       by an existing member in good standing. 

  We are often asked if there is a way for someone to join if they don't know    a current member.  Here's what we recommend:

  1.  Attend an event - Archery and Trap are the two most common events that hold       weekly "open to the public" shoots.  Please see activity page for times.
  2.  Attend a General Membership Meeting - Held on the last Wednesday on             each month; dinner at 6:30 with meeting to follow at 8:00 PM.  This will give you an        opportunity to learn more about the club and socialize with some of the members.

  By taking advantage of public events you will find common interest with        current members and normally after spending some time with them               someone will agree to sponsor you.

  What happens once I am sponsored for membership?

  *Attend Membership Committee meeting with Sponsor - 3rd Wed of month at 7:00         PM
  *If approved by Membership Committee, the Applicant and Sponsor must attend a
  Range Safety Orientation Briefing before appearing for the First Reading of the
  process in front of the Board of Directors - 2nd Wed of month at 7:00 PM.  Specific
  times and contact information will be provided for the Range Safety briefing. 
  *Attend two General Membership meetings to complete 2nd and 3rd readings, of      
  which you will be voted upon after 3rd reading.

Once approved you will be responsible for attending 5 General Membership
Meetings and completing 12 hours of internship work on one of the following committees during your first year after approval:

Building and Grounds
Bar and Entertainment

  For additional information please contact David Farrimond at: