Jes’ wanna give yuh a little info on Cowboy Action Shootin’  here at MBSC.  We be the “Cape Cod Cowboys” and give our  shootin’  irons  a workout  at 9:00 AM  year frum March thru December (weather permittin’)  on the Fourth Satirday of the month at the range on the far left that we call  “Oyster Flats”.  We always serve good grub which usually includes Fast Hands Fred’s home-made baked beans.  A coupla times a year we gotta change our schedule fer one reason or t’other,  so be sure ya check the schedule
below or get on the email list for updates.

The cowpokes meet informally at the range throughout
the month to keep our shootin’  skills sharp, as well as
at special competitions.  We use firearms common to
the last quarter of the 19th century, such as single
action revolvers and lever action rifles using 32 to
45 caliber ammunition and 12 to 20 gauge double
barreled  or pump action shotguns.  

Since we fire at close range steel targets  we fire light loads in order to minimize ricochets.  Most of us load our own ammo.  Safety is our prime objective and we adhere to Single Action Shooting Society®  rules.  To shoot a complete scenario you’ll need 2 single action revolvers,  a lever action rifle and a shotgun all as described above.  However,  you kin start with one weapon and purchase the rest over time.  Before you buy anything we recommend that you come down to one of our monthly shoots and see what the whole thing is all about.  (Yuh kin try out sum uv our shootin’ irons!)  To complete the Old West feelin’ we wear typical cowboy clothing  and  set  up scenarios  and  stages  to   make it more fun. Oh yeah, a-fore I fergit, we all have aliases.    
  2018 Match Schedule
*On winter hiatus January and February

  March 24     August 25
  April 28       September 22
  May 26     October 27
  June 23           November 24
  July 28
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